Frequently Asked Questions

STEM education is an approach to learning, practice and development that integrates four disciplines: science, technology, engineering and mathematics. In our project, the acronym STREAM was formed by adding the words ”art” and ”reading”.
Prep, 9th, 10th and 11th grade students can apply for the “STREAM It Up!-2” project.

Anyone who is interested in STEM and Artificial Intelligence, enthusiastic about scientific research and foreign language skills are sufficient for research can apply to the project.
Participation in the project is completely free. All expenses will be covered by the project budget and stakeholder organizations.
The students who complete the project will receive a qualified certificate of participation that will always carry them forward in their careers.
The project will progress in 8 phases. 
These stages are in order; STREAM and Artificial Intelligence Mobile Application, English Language Development, STREAM and Artificial Intelligence Language Trainings, Theoretical STREAM and Artificial Intelligence Trainings, Seminars with Scientists and Science Center Visits, Applied STREAM and Artificial Intelligence Trainings, Project, Science and Technology Festival Project Exhibition, STREAM and Artificial Intelligence Congress.
After the application process is completed, the application forms will be evaluated and a pre-selection will be made. Then, among the remaining students, an verbal selection will be made by means of an online interview measuring their English foreign language skills. Students who successfully pass the online interview in English will be eligible to be selected for the STREAM It Up project.
In order for the face-to-face stage of the project to take place, students will be picked up from their cities by arranging the most convenient and practical means of transportation (by air from the provinces where it is possible, by road from the provinces where air transportation is not possible). They will be brought to Manisa. A 1-week face-to-face education process will take place on the campus of Manisa Celal Bayar University. Accommodation will be in hotels.
The guidance services of the students will be provided by our project team members and volunteer university students in student communities right from the moment they are welcomed from the airport.
Detailed information about the project application process will be announced after the project application process begins. You can follow the STREAM It Up!-2 website and social media accounts for immediate information.
As a result of the applications, the selected noble and substitute candidates will be announced on our website STREAM It Up!-2.
The project only includes students. Teachers cannot apply for the project.